Electric Vehicle Charging Points Now Available at The Swan Centre

Cllr Malcomson and Cllr Wellman at Swan Centre electric charging points.

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) has installed two electric vehicle charging points at the Swan Centre car park.  
This progresses works toward delivering more sustainable and environmentally-friendly facilities for everyone and will benefit all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners in and visitors to the district.

The two-point EV charger is the first of its kind to feature in MVDC-owned car parks. MVDC recently declared a Climate Emergency at its Extraordinary Council meeting in June and, as set out in its Parking Strategy (which recognises an increased demand nationwide for more charging points to be available), has taken the first steps to meet this growing need.

Female Charging Car at Electric Charging Point
Electric charging point is located on the 5th floor of the Swan Centre car park

Councillor Claire Malcomson, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “This is an encouraging start for our district. We aspire to having charging facilities in a number of our car parks in the future so that when these options are available, buying an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle can become more of a viable choice for residents. Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are the way forward to help protect our planet, and we are proud to encourage their use.”

These two charging points are the latest in a series of improvements made to the Swan Centre car park which have included improving the ramps, widening the spaces and renewing the paintwork. The works are part of our Transform Leatherhead initiatives aimed at rejuvenating, expanding and transforming Leatherhead town centre.

These particular charging points, which have been installed on the fifth floor of the Swan Centre car park, are for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles only. To be able to take advantage of the charging points, users will need to subscribe to Chargemaster’s Polar Plus subscriptions service. More information is available by visitingwww.chargemasterplc.com/polar.

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