Mobile Home Site Licensing Fee

On 24 March 2020, Mole Valley District Council’s Cabinet will consider a report recommending that a fee is charged for licensing mobile home sites and that the introduction of the fee will commence next year. 

Since 2014, Councils across the country have been able to charge site owners a fee to cover the administrative and inspection costs of licensing mobile home sites (also known as caravan sites or park home sites). Councils are not permitted to make a profit from this charge.

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) is currently considering the introduction of a licensing fee for mobile home sites. If approved, this will bring MVDC in line with other councils in Surrey, who have already introduced such fees. There are two methods of charging under consideration. The recommended approach is based on the introduction of a standard charge per home, in addition to a basic standard fee. The alternative would require the council to levy a “set fee” for certain bands, based on the number of homes on each site.

There are approximately 860 mobile homes on 21 sites in the district that have been inspected and licensed by MVDC. Ahead of this report being considered, those potentially affected by the proposed fee had the opportunity to make representations during a four-week consultation period. Letters outlining the proposals were sent to site owners and residents living in mobile homes in January 2020.

Councillor Elizabeth Daly, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing, said: “The introduction of a fee to cover the work carried out by our officers in licensing mobile home sites is something we have considered very carefully. We wanted to make an informed decision and so, while there is no legal requirement to consult on this matter, we wrote to mobile home residents and site owners to ask for their views. The meeting on the 24th March will decide whether to accept the proposal or choose another option.” 

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