Statement from Councillor Stephen Cooksey

Leader of Mole Valley District Council Councillor Stephen Cooksey

Leader of Mole Valley District Council, Councillor Stephen Cooksey said, “This Friday is a Bank Holiday.  We celebrate 75 years of VE Day and I know that many of you are working on decorating your houses, having virtual parties and even your own private garden parties to celebrate what was a life changing day for every one of us. 

“In our current circumstances we can appreciate possibly more than ever the beauty of freedom, those who fought for it on our behalf and the importance of community that brings such comfort to everyone when times are tough.  I do hope you can celebrate yourselves, do share your pictures with us on our social media sites, we’d love to see them.

“I’d like again to thank you all for the positive comments we are receiving about our staff working with you.  They mean a lot to everyone within Mole Valley District Council.  Our Economic Development and Revenues teams, supported by many additional officers are working hard to reach around 400 more businesses who have yet to claim grants they are due.  Many of the businesses who have not yet applied are sports clubs and charities.  If you receive Small Business Rates Relief, or you have a business with a property with a rateable value of less than £51,000 you are probably entitled to benefit.  If you are involved with a business or organisation that may be eligible please do check in with them that they have contacted us about this.  We have distributed £14.3million to over 1,100 businesses already.

“The Government has announced an uplift of 5% in the budget provided to local authorities who are administering the business support grants.  This equates to just under £1million in Mole Valley.  This additional fund is aimed at small businesses with ongoing fixed property-related costs, with each local authority responsible for determining how the funding will be allocated.  We are still awaiting the Government guidelines on this additional funding, and will develop a process that is fair to all who will wish to apply.

“Headley Court opened yesterday as a community hospital.  An extraordinary effort has achieved getting this facility prepped and ready to receive patients as they leave other local hospitals.  Thank you to everyone involved, including those of you who have answered the call to work there in a wide variety of roles.

“You may have noticed our website has a new look.  During these unprecedented times we are very proud to have managed to keep this project active and now up and running.  We now have a greater degree of security for this site, we know how important it is for you all to be able to access it 24/7.

“There have been many reports of scams in the media, often targeting the vulnerable and here in Mole Valley we are not immune to these.  If you are contacted unexpectedly by anyone, be that in person or on the phone, or via email, please protect yourself by questioning carefully if they are genuine.  If you are not sure, then remember no real caller from a government, police or health organisation will be offended if you halt the contact until you have satisfied yourself they are genuine.  This may be by simply calling a head office number or contacting a friend or family to help you check them out.

“I know many of you are keen to hear when Surrey’s Community Recycling Centres will open again.  It has been announced that Leatherhead will be opening next week.  Initial hours will be 9am – 6pm, seven days a week for black bags and garden waste only.

“More information can be found via the Surrey website, so see the CRC web pages for an update from them directly.  In the meantime we do appreciate your efforts in not overloading your regular weekly collections with excess items, ensuring that we are able to continue to collect everyone’s waste across the district.

“Thank you everyone for continuing to stay at home.”

Surrey Community Helpline Opening Hours – Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 2pm

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