‘Mole Valley Together’

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Working to celebrate and enhance Mole Valley’s strong sense of community

Councillor Stephen Cooksey, Leader of Mole Valley District Council explains what Mole Valley Together is all about. “I am thankful for the great sense of community we have in Mole Valley. Whilst the coronavirus remains in our midst, we have worked tirelessly with our partner organisations and many local voluntary groups to assist residents and businesses alike.  We continue to do this as there is much work still to complete. Whilst our focus is increasingly on recovery, we want also to celebrate the incredible way people have pulled together in the district and our work on ‘Mole Valley Together’ will highlight this.

Mole Valley Together is about our residents playing their own part, in whatever way they can, it’s supporting our community spirit, strengthening our relationships with others and celebrating everything Mole Valley has to offer.

“Now the shops are re-opening, we are so proud of all the extra work local businesses are putting in to make their premises as safe as they can for customers. Community Groups that have worked tirelessly to assist neighbours and complete strangers continue to be active and we salute their sterling efforts.

“Our beautiful countryside remains a magnet for visitors from across the country and we are working to promote responsible behaviour that enhances our beauty spots and ensures nothing is left behind when visitors depart.

“At the height of the pandemic, we received many lovely messages of thanks and support for all we were doing. Alongside Councillors and council officers across the country we kept working focussing on helping those who are most vulnerable and our local businesses; we will be sharing more stories about this in the coming weeks.

“Everyone in Mole Valley experienced the unusual ‘quiet’ on the roads as the world slowed down and we will seek to encourage more walking and cycling by residents in the district; more news on this will follow as Surrey County Council lay out their plans.

“Most of all, during this time, I have been humbled by the kindness residents have shown to each other and my hope is that this continues and remains a positive legacy of this time. We invite you to share your stories with us on social media using the #MoleValleytogether, we will share these to celebrate our community. More initiatives will follow as we work with our communities on ‘Mole Valley Together’.

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