Renewal of PSPOs in Dorking and Leatherhead

Public Spaces Protection Orders in place at Meadowbank Recreation Ground and both Dorking and Leatherhead town centres* are due to expire in October 2020. Residents and visitors to these areas are being invited to have their say ahead of a decision to extend them for up to a further three years.

Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) are introduced to address a particular nuisance or problem in a specific area that is detrimental to the local community’s quality of life. It does so by imposing conditions or restrictions to help prevent anti-social behaviour from continuing to occur in that area.

PSPOs give Mole Valley District Council and Surrey Police the power to address low level anti-social behaviour. If one or more individuals are found to be in breach of conditions outlined in a PSPO relating to that specific area, enforcement measures can include issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice or formal prosecution.

The proposals to extend the PSPOs for up to a further three years include increasing the area covered by the Leatherhead town centre order. This is in response to an increased number of reports of anti-social behaviour in two specific areas since the original PSPO was introduced. If agreed, the order will incorporate the town’s river side walk and Red House Grounds.

Have your say on the proposal to extend the existing orders between 31 July and 11 September 2020 by visiting  

Councillor Hazel Watson, Cabinet Member for Community, said: “We currently have five PSPOs in place in Mole Valley and each one has had a significant impact on the levels of anti-social behaviour in those areas. We believe it is therefore of the utmost importance that we extend the three orders for a period of up to three years. We do not however wish to proceed without the support of the communities local to those areas covered by these PSPOs, so please do let us know your thoughts”.

*The existing PSPOs cover:

  • Dorking town Centre: Regulates the consumption of alcohol
  • Leatherhead town Centre: Regulates the consumption of alcohol
  • Meadowbank: Regulates the consumption of alcohol, use of intoxicating substances, dog fouling and restricting dog access in Meadowbank
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